Custom countertops add elegance and style to the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom. Granites and quartz are extremely durable, making them the top choices for the best countertop materials you need to consider. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of buying custom countertops over pre-fabricated ones. Contact us if you’re ready to get started with your renovation.

Perfect Look

When you buy custom countertops, an installer from the countertop fabrication shop will come to your home to check your space and make recommendations. He can discuss the best countertops options that can help enhance the look of your space. When buying pre-fabricated countertops, the color or design may not bring out the best look of your kitchen.

Right Fit

Prefabricated countertops usually come in standard sizes so it may be difficult to find the right size for your kitchen. If your kitchen has a unique layout, we highly suggest that you contact a professional for a custom countertop. It’s the only way to ensure that the countertops fit your kitchen.


With custom countertops, you get to choose countertop materials that are durable and that fit your budget. Our experts can also make recommendations on what layout is best for your countertop. You have the option to choose several designs and colors that would complement the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom. Do you prefer a classic or a modern look for your kitchen? Buy custom countertops to help you match the classic or modern design.

Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your home, we highly suggest that you purchase custom countertops to ensure perfect fit and design. A well-designed countertop can add value to your home as it can help enhance the look of your kitchen. Talk to us so we can help you make an informed decision and give you the best countertop solution for your kitchen or bathroom.

Lasts Longer

When you buy ready-made countertops, you can’t really gauge how long they last. With a custom countertop, you’ll have full control over what type of materials you want to have. Choose the most durable countertop material and properly maintain it so it lasts several years. Also, always go for the quality and design first over price. Talk to us so we can recommend countertops that would fit your budget.

You Get Expert Advice

While there are beautifully designed prefabricated countertops, you can’t be certain that it’s the right fit or design for your kitchen. When you contact a countertop fabrication shop, an expert can come to your home and really look at your space. He can give you better countertop options, present the pros and cons of each material or design.

Contact Phoenix Stone and Laminate

Are you renovating your kitchen or bathroom? We can help with custom stone countertops in Austin. When you choose us, our team of experts will visit your home and make recommendations on what material or design is suitable for your space. We have been in the industry for over a decade and our intention is to help all customers enhance the look of their kitchen and bathroom with custom countertops. Contact us today for an appointment.