The kitchen island is a staple in many modern homes. This multipurpose, freestanding piece of furniture can be a great way to maximize open space in a floorplan. In many ways, it becomes an extension of your countertops and cabinets. Kitchen islands offer numerous advantages, though they may not be right for every kitchen. If you are working on a kitchen remodel, here is what to consider before adding a kitchen island.

Advantages of Kitchen Islands

Counter Space

The number one reason to add an island to your kitchen is that it provides additional counter space. An island is the perfect food prep station, whether you are chopping a mountain of veggies, carving a Thanksgiving turkey, or rolling out sugar cookie dough. If you have a small kitchen but an open floor plan, a kitchen island could be the countertop space solution you need.

Extra Storage

Kitchen islands also offer additional storage space for large pots and pans, foodstuffs, paper products, and more. You can even buy or design an island to accommodate a wine rack. Islands can be wired to include electrical outlets, so many people also use their islands to house small appliances that would otherwise crowd their countertops.


A kitchen island can serve many functions beyond food prep counter and storage central. They can be custom-made to include sinks, dishwashers, and even cooktops with a range hood above it for ventilation. Many people add barstools to one side to make their island serve as a dining area. When deciding whether you should get a kitchen island, think about the many uses it could have in your kitchen.

Other Considerations For Kitchen Islands

Size of Your Kitchen

If you have a small or enclosed kitchen, an island may not be right for your space. Ideally, an island will be at least two feet by four feet, with at least three feet around it on all sides. If you want to use one side as a dining counter, you should allow for at least five feet between the edge of the counter and the wall. If you do not have enough space for an island in your kitchen, a rolling cart or small table may be a better solution.

Budget and Expectations

While a kitchen island can be incredibly cost-effective, various add-ons can drive the price up into the high four figures. When deciding to install a kitchen island, make sure to assess whether your vision fits your budget. If you are expecting a dream island with a built-in dishwasher and stovetop, know that there are added costs of wiring and plumbing that come with it.

Kitchen Island Countertops by Phoenix Stone and Laminate

If your kitchen renovation project includes adding an island, don’t forget about the countertops. From quartz to quartzite, marble to granite, the experienced team at Phoenix Stone and Laminate is here to seamlessly install custom island countertops to complement any kitchen. Call us today to learn more about our materials, fabrication, and installation process.