Quality backsplash can add a pop of personality, color, and class to any kitchen design. Paired with our gorgeous custom countertops, your kitchen is sure to impress your guests, family, and future buyers.

In fact, minor kitchen remodels can deliver more than an 80% ROI. So, if you’re ready to give your kitchen a facelift, why not start with a new countertop and eye-catching backsplash?

It’s important to choose a backsplash that matches your countertops but still provides plenty of contrast. Keep reading for tips and tricks on finding the perfect fit and creating a cohesive and beautiful kitchen design.

Decide On Your Style

The backsplash you choose should fit your style and personality. Ask yourself what design or aesthetic you’re going for.

Are you planning a country-style kitchen or something more modern? Do you want a basic, minimalist look or a dramatic statement piece?

A solid-colored backsplash paired with an accent tile or medallion provides a unique mix of clean lines and eye-catching detail. Star and floral-shaped tiles are ideal for modern kitchens, while a lion’s head shape gives more of an antique vibe.

Consider Your Countertops

Before you can match your backsplash to your countertop, you need to give it a good once-over. If you love the look and material of your countertops, you already have a good foundation for choosing a complementary backsplash.

You can also use this opportunity to upgrade your countertops. Some of the most durable and appealing materials included quartz, marble, soapstone, and onyx. Gorgeous custom countertops can help guide you toward the perfect backsplash.

Solid countertops pair nicely with more sophisticated and up-scale backsplash designs. If you prefer a minimalist countertop, add some personality with a backsplash that contains plenty of colors, geometric shapes, and patterns. Stained and swirling glass tiles are two more impressive options to consider.

Choose a Color Scheme

The most common kitchen color schemes feature browns, grays, whites, and blacks. The color of your backsplash should complement your countertops, not clash with them.

Neutral-colored countertops easily pair with white or gray tile. Accent tiles can pick up other colors from your marble or quartz countertops including specks of black or swirls and shades of brown.

Some countertops boast undertones of blues and yellow which work well with a more colorful backsplash design.

Get Inspired by Current Trends

Do you still need creative inspiration? Check out current kitchen design trends.

Subway tiles are a popular and classic choice in many kitchens. Metal backsplashes complement the gray flecks found in most quartz countertops.

Look for images of different kitchens that are similar to yours and play around with different colors, materials, and designs.

Find a Beautiful Backsplash that Fits Your Style, Budget, and Countertops

Designing your kitchen countertops and backsplash should be fun, not stressful. With these tips and tricks, you can easily find a backsplash that fits your budget and personality.

At Phoenix Stone, we specialize in custom stone countertops that are as durable as they are beautiful. We pride ourselves on being a small, family-orientated company that does things right the first time.

So, before you start your next kitchen project, contact us! Our team of experts is ready and waiting to help you design your dream kitchen.