Quartz is one of the most low-maintenance options for countertop materials on the market. Made from crushed quartz pieces held together by resin and other bonding materials, it is a nonporous surface that is heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Best of all, this manufactured stone requires no annual resealing, unlike some of its natural stone counterparts like granite, marble, and quartzite. While annual maintenance is non-existent, there are a few things you should know about day-to-day cleaning. Here’s a basic guide for how to clean quartz countertops.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops

Begin by clearing the surface of any leftover food debris and wiping up any spills. While quartz is stain-resistant, it is not stain-proof. Don’t allow liquids like wine, citrus juices, and vinegar to dry on the surface or they may discolor it. Preventing stains is easier than removing them, so be sure to mop up spills as they occur.

Thankfully, cleaning quartz countertops does not require special materials. All you need is mild soap, water, and a soft cloth to wipe down the surface. It is actually best to avoid using abrasive sponges and harsh cleaning solutions like bleach, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, or other household cleaners that are highly acidic or alkaline. These solutions can eat away at the bonds between the quartz and resin that keep your countertop smooth, nonporous, and shiny. If any of these liquids spill on your quartz countertops, be sure to wipe them up immediately and rinse the area with water to prevent damage.

How to Remove Stains from Quartz

To remove tough residues like grease, gum, or paint from quartz, use a putty knife or razor blade to carefully scrape away the gunk. You can also use degreasers that are specially-formulated for use on quartz—be sure to check the label and follow manufacturer instructions, however, as some kitchen degreasers may contain an ingredient that can damage quartz, such as bleach.

A popular option for removing tough stains from quartz is using glass cleaner or an adhesive removal product like Goo Gone. After cleaning the surface with soap and water, apply the product to the stain, let it sit for several minutes, then wipe up. Always be sure to thoroughly rinse away any cleaning products with water when you are finished.

How to Prevent Damage of Quartz Countertops

While quartz is stain-, scratch-, and heat-resistant, you should still take some preventative steps to avoid damaging it. Wipe up spills before they dry, always use a cutting board for food preparation, and place hot pans onto a trivet or hot pad rather than directly onto the counter. These small steps can go far in prolonging the life and pristine appearance of your quartz countertops.

Phoenix Stone & Laminate for Quartz Countertops

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