Marble, a metamorphic stone, is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom renovations. Having formed under immense pressure below the earth’s surface, it is a durable natural stone that makes for a long-lasting investment. Minerals that crystallized within the rock create the unique veining patterns that give marble its signature opulent look. From its striking appearance to its heat resistance, here are some of the top benefits of marble countertops for your home renovation.

Marble Countertops Are Stunning

If you have been perusing images of other kitchen renovations for ideas, marble countertops likely caught your eye. This material offers some of the most vibrant shades of white to be found in natural stone. It not only brightens your kitchen by reflecting more light, it also offers a sense of timeless luxury to the room. Choosing marble for your countertops can transform an everyday space like your kitchen into an ongoing source of inspiration.

No Two Are Alike

Another advantage of choosing marble countertops is that they give your kitchen something entirely unique. No two slabs of marble are the same, because the process by which marble solidifies underground creates unpredictable and endlessly varied patterns of veining. This means that your countertops will be one-of-a-kind and is another reason why marble is such a desirable material for these kinds of renovation projects.

Customizable Edges

There is a reason that artists have been sculpting in marble for centuries. It is not just visually striking—it is also a softer stone that can be more easily shaped than other natural materials, while still being strong enough to stand the test of time. If you are envisioning fancy, custom edges for your countertops, then marble may be the best choice.


Another perk of using marble for countertops is its heat resistance. The surface will stay cool even on the hottest days, which is especially advantageous for home bakers looking for a place to cool their latest creation, fresh out of the oven. This does not mean you should forgo potholders, however—a hot pan placed directly onto marble can still discolor the surface.


It is true that the price of marble can vary widely depending on the type you have in mind. If you choose one of the less expensive options, however, it can be even more affordable than granite per square foot. A popular economical choice is the Carrara marble, named after the city it is sourced from in Italy. It has a slightly greyer tone than some of the more luxury kinds of marble, but it is still a stunning pick and has all of the other advantages of marble.

Things to Keep in Mind about Marble

The benefits of marble countertops are undeniable, but it is important to consider the challenges as well before pursuing this investment. Because marble is a porous stone, it needs to be resealed regularly. It is also susceptible to scratching and can be eaten away by acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar. If you are prepared to undertake the necessary care and maintenance, however, marble cannot be matched for its unique, timeless elegance.

Considering marble for your renovation project? Contact Phoenix Stone and Laminate for a free onsite consultation. If you are still deciding on the best material for your space, read about these five reasons to consider granite countertops.